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Here at Wise Owls Initiative, we know that sometimes all it takes to change the world is a little support. Since the birth of our initiative in 2018, we have been determined to make an impact, and while a move across the country interrupted our project, we are thrilled in 2020, to now bring our vision to North Austin Texas, and surrounding areas. We have developed into a nonprofit organization (EIN 85-1134548) so that we may utilize future resources to expand our volunteer services.

The core of our efforts is to help to improve healthcare outcomes in our elderly population by reducing the negative effects of isolation and loneliness. We aim to achieve this via various means of engagement, utilizing volunteers. We believe that all people, from the very young to the  aging, have a voice, and a need to be appreciated. WOI recognizes and cherishes the wisdom, experience, and life of all people, and most certainly, our elders.

Our founder, Laura Jones, is a registered nurse volunteer with the Texas, Williamson County Medical Reserve Corps. The relationship that she has developed with the MRC has opened up several opportunities for WOI to coordinate efforts with other MRC volunteers to bring happiness to many, many elders in our community. 

Through all of our endeavors we hope to display the conviction behind our beliefs. We are excited to grow as we continue to engage our senior population. 

Through engagement, we thrive.



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